Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Great Adventures of Peter the Fish, by Glenn Thorpe

Attention readers! I have a new children's book for you all to check out. The reviews are fantastic and it's definitely one you should try and pick up soon. The book of the day is The Great Adventures of Peter the Fish, by Glenn Thorpe:
Meet Peter: he is the most outgoing, loving, and brave little fish in a little pond that sits in the middle of a charming and bright enchanted emerald forest. Dreaming of a beautiful and magical lake, Peter sets out on an adventure to find it. Along the way, Peter encounters many surprises--he meets friends of all shapes and sizes and learns what it really means to set out on an adventure, take risks, trust others, and make dreams come true.

Peter The Fish is about friendship, and about learning to love and accept others for who they really are. Through the obstacles he faces and the friends he meets, Peter shows us all what it means to have a good heart and a positive attitude.

Will Peter find the large, beautiful lake of his dreams? How do Peter and his friends triumph over the obstacles that are presented to them every step of the way? What is true friendship really about? These are all answers that you’ll find from reading Peter The Fish.

The Great Adventures of Peter the Fish is now available on I know a lot of you who peruse this blog are writing children's book of your own, so I encourage to check out this unique tale. Glenn Thorpe has brought us this beautiful story, which reviewers have called "heartwarming", "awesome", "engaging" and "inspirational".

Here's what the author, Glenn Thorpe, had to say about his book:
I created the story many years ago when I was having trouble getting my two daughters to go to bed on time. Everyday I would come up with a new scene of the story to tell them when I got home. Which made it a bedtime cliffhanger story. Each day before I got home the kids were waiting to find out what was going to happen to Peter the Fish. This went on for weeks. It worked like a charm, they went right to be on time. I believe your kids will also love this story as mine did, while teaching great morals. This is a must read story to any child. I think reading Peter the fish may bring a little inspiration to all of us that have dreams. With persistance,courage and determination I feel we can all make our dreams come true,like Peter.

So, check out The Great Adventures of Peter the Fish today... the perfect bedtime story for your little one.

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