Thursday, August 18, 2016

It's Time to Query

For those of you who have been tracking my progress on this novel over the years... I'm sorry. I couldn't have possibly taken longer to get to this moment, which I'm sure made for some anticlimactic reading.

But yes... it's time. I'm "ready". Quotation marks are being used here because I'm not exactly sure what I even mean by "ready". What I do know is that, while I'm not 100% satisfied with the manuscript, I'm not sure that I would ever be 100% satisfied with the manuscript. So, for that reason, I'm "ready". "Ready" to start querying some smaller, independent publishing houses. "Ready" (and honestly a little bit nervous) to finally engage the elusive literary agent. I've read all of the "What Not To Do" articles and the "What You Always Need To Do" articles. If there's ever been something written on this process, I've looked it over.

It's time.

Okay, so, what should I be expecting? Part of me is just assuming, and prepared, to either not hear anything at all... or, at best, receive a few canned messages that sound a little like, "It's just not what we're looking for at this time." If that happens, I'm telling myself, I will be cool and not caught off guard.

And if I'm right and I experience exactly what I'm expecting? Well, then I'm prepared to open up my laptop and start brainstorming my next "amazing-idea-that-came-from-some-dream-I-had, that-would-be-perfect-for-a-book."

This will happen, either for this novel or the next. Or the next... or...

And that's cool too.

Wish me luck?


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