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An Interview with R.J. Wellington, author of Raiders of the Lost Happiness

Welcome back! I am very excited to introduce you today, to R.J. Wellington, author of Raiders of the Lost Happiness.

-Thanks for joining us today, R.J. So, what made you decide that you wanted to write Raiders of the Lost Happiness?
R.J.: Thanks for having me here! My decision was primarily based on my own experience with the principles laid out in the book, as well as the success I have been having with my coaching clients. I decided to share some of the most important principles I teach in a book. I know that some people cannot afford coaching sessions; therefore I want to give these people a chance to experience part of my system. Obviously I cannot synthetize the whole of my system in a book because in individual coaching sessions I work with my clients’ personal issues and feedback. However, I made sure to create a book that is self-sufficient and can be put into practice immediately.  

-Is this your first book?
R.J.: No. I have a couple of other books both in English and Portuguese, however I can call this one my best book to date. I also share a couple of free e-books online at my official coaching website: One of these free e-books, actually an e-booklet, called “the mental alchemy report”, has been helping people build their “prosperity muscles” and actually attract the amount of money they set their minds to, starting small and then gradually increasing the amount.

-What can you tell us about the process of developing this book? How long did it take you to write Raiders of the Lost Happiness?
R.J.: I believe the hardest part of writing a book is actually reviewing and editing it. The book itself was drafted in a couple of months, but it took me over one year to have it ready for publishing. During my writing process I always ask myself: What would I like to see in a book? What would really make me say that I loved a book? Then I try to do my best to create such a book for my readers.

-It sounds like you’ve accomplished quite a lot in your life. Is that true?
R.J.: The most important thing that I am accomplishing is the confirmation of my own convictions; the proof that we DO have much more control over our realities than we can imagine. Material accomplishments and personal success are part of it and I’m getting those gradually, however, my biggest accomplishment is to be able to contribute to the field of personal development and make a difference in other people’s lives. I measure accomplishments in terms of fulfilling your life’s mission, doing what you’re passionate about, being unique and making a difference, no matter how big or small it is. So I can truly say that each day I am accomplishing more and more, and the exciting thing about it is that it is a never-ending process; life CAN be exciting and full of accomplishments every single day, until our last day in the “theater of life”.  

-Your book asks the question “Is there a formula for happiness?” Well, we want to know… is there?
R.J.: I gave you a hint in the previous answer. But there’s much more to that. Fulfilling your life’s mission is actually the result of using the right formula. However, If you think about a “formula” in terms of: step 1, 2 and 3, you may be trapped in a dogma or closed-ended system. I see my version of “the formula” as the application of certain universal principles. Principles are unchangeable, and for a formula to be effective, it must be based on the right principles, then, and only then, we develop various methods.  What I see today are various coaches and authors being trained only on methods, not really being taught or mastering principles. That’s one of the reasons why many people are becoming suspicious of “self-help” books. There’s a lot of hype but no substantial life-changing information. If you know a method, you will apply that to your clients all the time, it may work or it may not work because individuals are different, and there’s no such a thing as a “cookie-cutter” method that works for all. A Master, however, knowing the principles, will develop individual methods for his apprentice, client or patient. Therefore, I can guarantee you that there is a formula for happiness, and I try to lay the principles out as clearly as I can in my book so my clients will be able to even create their own individual methods. I have refined it to be very simple, but to be as universal as it can be.

-Since this is a blog centering around books and writing, are there any works of literature that have influenced you to be the person and author that you are today? What are you currently reading?
R.J.: Sure, I am a big fan of self-development literature since my early teens, especially the “old school authors” like Joseph Murphy, Neville Goddard, Jane Roberts, U.S. Andersen and H. Emily Cady, among others. To me some of the best principle-based books were written in the past century, and I always go back to those as a source of inspiration. I am currently reading books on the new developments of Quantum Physics. 

-If you could give me one piece of advice on living a happy life, what would you tell me?
R.J.: Stop underestimating yourself, stop waiting for a better future, stop trying to be like someone else or pleasing others in search approval. Stop listening to the advice of people who are not successful at what you wish to accomplish. Follow the wise Buddhist advice: “Have no attachment, have no aversion to anything”. Let others be who they are, be who YOU are, don’t apologize for being yourself. These are the first steps. In my book I elaborate on those topics and teach what I call the “Master Key” that opens all doors. So, please do yourself a favor; invest less than $20.00 and learn the Master Key; that is less than two movie tickets. If the book does not please you, you can always send it back for a refund. It can’t be any easier, right?

-Ok, R.J. Sell this thing to us. Why should we go out and buy Raiders of the Lost Happiness, right now?
R.J.: If you want simplicity and straight-forwardness you should take a look at my book. If you can’t afford a 5 day, $10,000.00 self-help retreat on an “exotic location” or expensive private coaching, I bet you that my book will give you the same value for a much smaller price. I cannot make promises because I don’t know if the reader will finish the book or practice the suggested methods, but I can say that if they do it, this may be the best book they have ever read in their lives. If you are disappointed with all the “self-help hype”, try Raiders of the Lost Happiness. It may change your life radically.

-Anything else at all that you’d like us to know about your book? Where can we buy it?
R.J.: It can be found at Amazon, B&N and through my website –

Those who buy it directly from my website link to Lulu Publishing will receive a free gift e-book. All I can say is that this is not just another self-help book; it is Raiders of the Lost Happiness, written with passion, by someone who has walked his talked, someone who has helped real people accomplish real results. You’ve got nothing to lose by reading it, and a lot to gain if you apply its advices and methods.
Thanks, R.J.!!! Great interviews! I have a feeling people are going to be lining up to read this one.
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  1. awesome! Wellington! Great interveiw. Great format. Im excited for your success with this book!