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An Interview with Tina Jordan, author of Red Veil

You've likely only just blinked and we're already on to our next author interview. We're going to totally switch gears here and this time speak with Tina Jordan, author of Red Veil, a collection of poetry and prose based on the dreams, daydreams, and musings of the author with themes ranging from the historical and romantic to the slightly amusing and somewhat bizarre.
-Hi Tina. Thanks for joining us today on Holy Cow I’m Writing A Book?!. What can you tell our readers about your book, Red Veil?
TINA: My book, Red Veil, is poetry and prose, largely based on dreams and daydreams with some "dressing up" of each scenario. There are pieces which some would classify as romantic, a few that have a comical twist, and some which are a bit mysterious.
-This blog is meant for writers who are new to the publishing world and are just starting to explore getting their own works published. Is this your first book and what can you tell us about your journey toward becoming a published author?
TINA: This is my first attempt at publishing a book, and I have found the journey to be quite rewarding. My goal in publishing was personal achievement and a simple wish that others might find pleasure in reading my thoughts.
-How long have you been writing?
TINA: I have been writing for about three years now, and have found that my writing is evolving with me as I grow emotionally and spiritually.
-I’m a high school English teacher and for years I’ve been asking my students to try and come up with their own definitions of “poetry”. How would you define that word?
TINA:  To me poetry is the essence of the soul expressed in written word. As you read Red Veil, you will note that I have chosen to stay away from strict form and guidelines. I write from the heart and with the intent of painting scenes in the reader's mind.

-What kind of readers would most enjoy Red Veil?
TINA: I think readers who are looking for a read that tugs at the heartstrings a bit and those who like to conjure up their own versions of what might happen next will enjoy this collection. My hope is that the book will appeal to a wide audience.

-Can you talk a little about how you came up with the cover design for the book?
TINA: I had an image in my mind's eye of what I wanted to portray on the cover. Since many of these pieces formed from recollections of dreams, I chose trees to represent the forest of the psyche and the red hue to invoke a certain mood. Kathryn Monson is the talented artist who provided such a brilliant cover.

-Here's a sample from the book:



I balance myself with my gloved right palm firmly pushing against the

Coldness of the stone wall as I rally what grace I possess, then descend.

The walkway is veiled by a thin layer of snow, packed tightly by the

Afternoon's foot travelers, and left as a formidable challenge to one such

As myself; in retrospect, I think that I have selected my footwear poorly.

I cannot turn back; there will be no train back to the country until late

Morning tomorrow, and the night air is growing more frigid with each breath.

To remove my heeled boots and walk in stocking-clad feet would be dangerous

Folly as well, so I navigate each move downward with concentrated caution.

Something heavy has attached to my eyelash, causing me to stop and curse

The latest assault of swirling snowflakes as they drift downward like ice fairies.

Two minutes and thirty-one steps later, I grossly miscalculate my bearings.

The fall is so sudden and decisive that I haven't time to grasp at what isn't

There anyway. My head comes to rest with the hardened snow just as my

Heart acknowledges that the empty street will be sole witness to my debacle.

A sob escapes my throat, floating out into the darkness and transmuting into

A million and one tiny shards of crystalline pain. It echoes in cruel teasing tones.

The onyx curtain falls on my consciousness and a stray cat sings into the void.

I drift upward and float, alternating between the dulling ache emanating from

The base of my skull and the scent of something or someone deliciously familiar.

My cheek is rubbing against something that gives way to a tickle affecting a

Tentative opening of one eye.....I surely have died..... cradled and carried

By an Angel....or perhaps I am dreaming that this nightmare has turned tide.

I hear a door closing behind me....or was that the throbbing in head once more?

The light is nearly unbearable for an instant as I feel something soft at my back.

I fully adjust my focus and see, kneeling before me, a mixture of fear and

Relief in your weary eyes before you remark on my choice of winter fashion.


Copyright 2014 Tina Jordan All Rights Reserved

-Where can we buy it?
TINA:  Red Veil is available on and

Thanks so much for talking with us, Tina! READERS: If you like poetry, this one's for you. Make sure to pick up a copy of Red Veil as soon as you click away from the blog today.
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