Saturday, February 28, 2015

Reading Keeps Me Writing

Something that I've discovered during this writing process, as I'm sure many of you have during your own journeys, is that the most difficult thing to do is to keep writing. To keep on, keeping on, as I like to say. Those who have been reading this blog know that I'm attempting to write my first novel. Along the way, I've experienced (and continue to experience) moments, periods, where I stray a bit and get distracted by life, work, etc. Sometimes I just don't feel the excitement to write, to edit, and/or to look at those same words all over again. The thing is, I have kept on. I've discovered a little trick that really helps me re-energize, in those moments where the experience isn't quite as fresh. Here's what I do:

I read.

Simple right? Of course it is. That said, simple doesn't necessarily mean it's not extremely successful. (It also doesn't mean it will work for everyone.) When I'm feeling like I need a restart, I pick up a book. Often it's the newest Stephen King. Right now I'm reading his latest, Revival. Reviving me is exactly what it's done. What happens to me is that, after reading his words, and again feeling that feeling you get what a book just draws you in, I start thinking, "Man, I want my book to do that. I want my book to make someone else feel those feels." And then, simply enough, I start typing again. Writing energy returned. I'm engaged and refreshed. A revival, of sorts.

Again, this isn't necessarily for everyone. We've all got our tricks. For me, I've got to be in the right place. Sometimes just seeing another awesome piece of literature can bring me back.

So, do your thing. Whatever it is. Just remember to keep on, keeping on.


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