Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Switching Gears

This means many things, okay? For one, switching gears means a new start on a new manuscript. My last novel is still very much in play... but, I think, interest in it (from a number of folks) has waned and I'm ready to starting exploring something fresh. I think switching gears should be invigorating and will allow me to return to the old project in time with a renewed zest (and hopefully ideas for revision).

I also have a great outline for my next novel. Something totally different. It's a similar genre, but otherwise I'm really straying from my comfort zone on this one. I've been told to "write what I know" and to "write what interests me". I'm trying to strike a good balance between that and "writing what others (particularly publishers) are interested in". It's tough and certainly causing some strife between competing parties in my author-brain, but I think it's good for me... whatever it brings.

The switching of gears will also, once again, include the direction of this blog. I spent a great deal of time in past years interviewing a wide range of talented authors, with the intent to really learn more about the craft in general, experiences with agents and publishers, and generally attempting to get the word out about hidden gems in Book-Land. I took a long break from that, choosing to focus for a while on the blogging/documenting of my own experience trying to break into publishing. With the start of this new project, I'd like to once again clean my lenses, and take another walk through a series of author interviews.

Would you be interested in giving us some insight into your experience getting published? I am in the process of scheduling my next set of "Author Interviews". It's a super easy way to get your name out there and eyes on your newest works. I also make sure to share my blog posts with my twitter following @RimerTom... which mainly consists of people interested in either reading, writing, or publishing great works.

Are you the next great author? Please let me know if you'd like to participate!


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